A spanking gone wrong
A true story
by badfranz

This story takes place when I was in the seventh grade. I guess this is when I became a spanko, but didn't know it . I was curious and interested in girls. I would steal my dad's Playboys all the time and fantasize about the naked girls in them. My dads second wife, my step mother was an very attractive lady. She was tall with medium length brown hair, brown eyes and fully figured. She exercised regularly and played a lot of tennis. I had a secret crush on her and would "accidentally" walk in on her while she would be changing clothes or I would hide and watch her as she would take a shower quite often.
One day for some reason I wanted to experience what a spanking would be like if she gave me one. I was only spanked by my real mom on one occasion and once by my father. I often fantasized about being spanked by girls and thought that maybe she could fulfill my fantasy. So one day I thought of a plan to see if this could be a reality. what i would do wrong and how I would confess to her and even hint that i should get spanked for it. I would even place a hair brush in a convenient place for her to spank me with. My step mom had never spanked me before so I had no idea on how it would turn out. She was an avid tennis player so I thought she could serve up a good spanking. It would fufill a fantasy.
The day came when she was home and my dad was out of town I put my plan into action. I called her into my room and told her to sit on my bed (where i had the wooden hair brush sitting). I stood in front of her and confessed what i had done and hinted on how I should be spanked by her and pointing out the hairbrush sitting on the bed. She looked at me puzzled but then she looked very upset. She quickly grabbed me and threw me over her lap. Pulling my shorts down , she began screaming at me how wrong I was and how bad i was for doing what I did. She quickly smacked my bottom maybe four times not very hard with her hand only, threw me off her lap onto the ground then ran out of the room crying and slamming the door shut.
I sat on the floor in complete shock at her reaction and that my plan didn't really go as I hoped for. After a while I left my room feeling kinda bad so I left a note on the kitchen table for her to find saying I am sorry for making her cry and that her spanking didn't hurt, how she should have used the hair brush I had left for her and if she would like to spank me again later.
She never did spank me again and never spoke of the incident to me. I never tried to have her spank me again nor did she ever again. So my fantasy was left unfulfilled.