The Punishment Due
by Badfranz

I was helping Cynthia, my stepmother, clean out her basement one rainy fall
afternoon; we were moving right along, reminiscing as we went through all
the piles of junk that had accumulated over the years. Box after box of
memories mixed with things that were destined for the trash.
Pulling a box from in front of an old set of shelves the one thing I
Thought I'd never see again came into view, the paddle that had been
used on both my and my stepsister's rear ends. I gave a little laugh” Boy
I sure do remember this.""Oh that's where it went, I always figured one
of you kids had disposed of it.” I set it back on the shelf and we
continued; our conversation turned to some of the things that had earned
us our comeuppance at the business end of that paddle;” I know that that
kind of treatment is no longer considered appropriate but I didn't see
any other way at the time.""Well,I'll tell you, you never gave me a
whack I didn't deserve.” Our conversation progressed until I started in
about the time I dented the fender of her car and made it appear that
the neighbors had backed into it.” I fought tooth and nail with the
Shendles about that fender.""Well,I was 16 and scared, it seemed like
the right thing to do...""16 and foolish is no excuse, those people must
have thought I was crazy, And you let them,what? Just to avoid
punishment?""Well,Yeah."I was quickly progressing from age 35 to 16,she
walked over to the shelf and picked up the paddle and started to rub
it."Terry it's never too late to right a wrong, I think it's time this
paddle got reacquainted with your rear end.” I was sweating it like old
times” You can't be serious..."Looking me straight in the eye” Take off
your pants.” C’mon this is a joke right?” You don't have anything I
haven't seen before, take them off now."(I was pretty sure she'd never
seen a scrotum piercing but I thought what the hey she is a nurse maybe
she had...)I took off my shoes and pulled off my pants; I was now naked from the waist down in front of my stepmother. She handed me the paddle,"Upstairs. "I turned around and started up the stairs with June at my heels; my legs felt like jello as
we reached the living room.” She pointed towards the couch that I had
spent many an uncomfortable trip over.” Bend over.” I handed her the
paddle and waited with my bare ass in the air ,she went down the hall
towards her bedroom, leaving me waiting, she came back with another relic
from the past, one of my dad's belts.” Is there anything else I should
know about?” I spilled my guts about anything I could think of, when I
finished all she said was "I see.” This was all incredibly embarrassing
doing a confession to my stepmother, half naked, about to be spanked like
a naughty kid. She moved around behind me, the belt buckle clinked as she
picked it up, I heard that familiar rush of air and SMACK!,SMACK!,SMACK!
the belt crashed on my ass in a steady cadence,SMACK!,SMACK!,SMACK! I
shifted my weight from foot to foot but the only thing that did was
spread out the sting a little,” Hold still."SMACK!,SMACK!,SMACK! she
stopped and my hands went right to my burning ass."Go over to the
middle of the room. "I stood in the middle of living room as she picked
up the paddle and came up behind me.” Hands on knees young man.” I bent
over then WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! she gave me about 50 with the paddle.” Hopefully we won't ever have to repeat this again.” She gave me a hug,” You can go downstairs and finish cleaning Terry.” I
walked down the stairs rubbing my hot ass, a grown man thoroughly
spanked by his stepmother like a naughty boy. I picked up where I left off, I heard June coming down the stairs, I’m used to this type of thing at
home and I had yet to replace my pants.” Get those pants on or we'll
have a return trip upstairs.” I quickly repanced my self feeling a
little embarrassed. We eventually finished and as I was leaving I saw her put the paddle back up on the shelf where I found it.” Never do know when one of these might come in handy.” she said with a wink;I walked out with a grin saying goodbye..