by Badfranz

When I was taken to the reform school, I was resentful and angry. I
only agreed to go there instead of paying a large fine for the trouble
I got into. It was an unusual reform school - it was a school for
males, but was run entirely by females. We were sitting in Miss
Karen's office while she explained some of the details - the
structured environment, the expectation for obedience, and a reference
to "little spankings now and then". Yeah right, like I'm going to be
intimidated by a little spanking given by a woman!

Miss Karen told me to always show respect for every one of the staff
there, and that disrespect to any of them was grounds for punishment.
She didn't say what kind. Then she said that my first few days would
be completely alone, sort of like in a jail cell, and that I wouldn't
be talking to any of the other students, as she called them. This was
for some kind of "evaluation".

Those few days were very difficult, since I wasn't accustomed to being
locked up all alone. The third night was a Friday night, and about an
hour after dinner, one of the women came and told me that I was going
to get a "little spanking". I asked her why and she said that this
would be my introduction to discipline at the school. Another woman
was with her and they walked me over to a room down the hall a ways,
took me inside, and locked the door. There was a very young looking
female already in the room when we got there. She was wearing a
rather short dress, and she looked like a very nice girl with
sweet-looking facial features - like someone who would be a
baby-sitter down the street.

"I'm Miss Sinthia," she said, "and I'm one of the discipline
administrators. You'll be getting a little spanking from me tonight.
I want you to cooperate completely. If you don't cooperate, I'll be
forced to increase the severity of your spanking. All spanking is
administered on the bare bottom. I want you to take all your clothes
off, right now, and place them neatly on that little table over
there," she said, pointing to a small table in a corner of the room.

"Umm, all my clothes off?" I asked, trying to delay having to strip in
front of several women.

"Everything, and you'd better make it quick! Come on, get going!"

I fumbled with my clothes, my hands almost shaking from nervousness.
Finally I got them off, and put them where she told me to.

Pointing to a specially built structure in the center of the room, she
told me to go up to that box and bend over it. When I did, Miss Sinthia
fastened a binding strap around my waist and tightened it so that I
could not move out of position. Then she fastened another strap
across the back of my knees and tightened it so that my legs were
tight against the punishment box. Following that, she tied my hands
in front of me, and then tied my ankles to the box. I could hardly
move at all.

"You are now going to get a taste of how discipline is administered at
this school," Miss Sinthia said sweetly. "I'm going to give you a
little spanking - twenty spanks with a leather strap."

Then I heard Miss Sinthia's footsteps as she walked over to pick up a
strap. Although I was a little nervous as she prepared to start the
spanking, I thought to myself, "why be afraid of a little spanking of
twenty swats?"

Miss Sinthia may look like a sweet and gentle girl, but I couldn't
believe how hard that first stroke was! Just a couple of seconds
later the strap swatted me again, just as hard as the first stroke.
She kept up the entire twenty strokes just that way, one after the
other, and extremely hard. From the third stroke I started yelling
when each stroke made contact, and from the tenth stroke on, I yelled
continuously, trying with all my might to get out of the strap's path
but unable to move.

My bare fanny felt as though it was ablaze. I was stunned and shaken
by that brief but severe strapping, which probably took less than one
minute to administer. Miss Sinthia walked around to where I could see
her, with the strap still in her hand. It was a leather strap about
eighteen inches long, a full three inches wide, with a wooden handle.
It appeared to have been well used, although none the worse for wear.

"Every two weeks during your stay here, you will get a little spanking
like the one you just had," Miss Sinthia explained to my astonishment.
"If you have any other punishment coming from your behavior during
those two weeks, you will get it at that time. But you will always get
what you got today, every two weeks. Sometimes it will be with the
strap, sometimes the paddle, or other instruments of punishment.
Also, there's one more detail you should know - before you will be
allowed to leave this school you must be able to take one of these
little spankings without being tied to the box, and without getting
out of position. I suggest you think about that during your stay."

I didn't know what to think - the idea of being able to stay put for
one of those "little spankings" seemed totally impossible to me. And
the prospect of going through, every two weeks, what I had just
experienced, plus more if they didn't like my behavior, was something
I didn't want to think about at all right then. I just wanted to get
out of that punishment room.

Miss Sinthia spoke again. "When I untie you I want you to stand in
front of the women who escorted you here. Stand with your hands at
your sides, without reaching in back or in front, and wait for more
instructions. Got it?"

A pause.

Then suddenly I felt an incredible pain flash across my bared bottom
as Miss Sinthia wielded one stroke of the strap. I exclaimed,

"You are expected to answer every question you are asked," Miss Sinthia
explained. "Did you hear and understand what I said about what you
are expected to do when you're untied?"


Another flash of pain as Miss Sinthia delivered an additional stroke.

"Yes, what?" asked Miss Sinthia.

"Yes, Miss Sinthia!!" I exclaimed.

I felt the bindings being loosened and I stood up, still very much
aware of the pain from my strapping. I gingerly walked over to stand
in front of the women who were seated and had been observing the
goings-on. I wanted very much to put my hands in front of me, but I
remembered that Miss Sinthia said that my hands should be at my sides.

There was a very long silent pause where nothing was said, and I was
becoming more and more nervous, wondering if I should say something.
My hands, although at my sides, were fidgeting and I didn't know what
to do. I looked back at Miss Sinthia, who was standing calmly, still
holding the strap.

Finally one of the women started to speak.

"When you fail to observe the rules at this school, you will be
assigned a certain number of demerits for each offense," she said.
"Each demerit will get you five strokes at your next spanking. Any
one of the staff is allowed to assign demerits to the students here.
The demerits are noted in your file and are dealt with at the time of
your next spanking. If you rack up an unusual number of demerits, we
can have you in this room every three days if that's what it takes.
And every time you have to come here, you'll first get your twenty
spanks, and then whatever additional you have coming to you.

"Y-yes; Yes ma'am," I sheepishly said.

She continued, "Your appointment for receiving your spanking will be
every other Friday evening at 7:00. You are expected to show up here
for your appointment on your own accord, and on time. Remember that
you will earn demerits for lateness, and for not showing up, which is
a very serious offense. Each student here has a standing appointment.
Is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am," I shakily replied.

"Very well. You have one minute to get dressed. Then we will take
you back to your room."

The next few weeks were very busy, and difficult. I moved into a dorm
where I met some of the other "students" and went to classes. There
were all these expectations that the staff had, and if they thought
you weren't living up to them, they freely handed out the demerits.
My second "little spanking" was two weeks after my first one, and I
had gotten three demerits. Miss Sinthia punished me with a
thin, whippy thing they called a cane. Man, that thing hurt! After
the first twenty, she paused a couple of minutes and then administered
the punishment for the demerits. She had studied my "file" and knew
exactly what the demerits were for, and lectured me on each incident
before applying the additional five strokes each time.

Unfortunately, having demerits was more the rule than the exception.
One time I was ten minutes late to my spanking appointment. That
earned me 5 demerits! Plus I had three to take care of then, so Miss Sinthia decided to administer strokes for the three demerits plus one of
the five for being late, that day. Then I was supposed to come back
in three days to take care of the other four demerits, plus the usual
twenty strokes for having a spanking. She really wielded the strap
ferociously that time. Each appointment is 15 minutes, which is
usually more than enough time for one student to arrive, get spanked,
and leave. But being ten minutes late meant that the next appointment
was thrown off by about 5 minutes.

I made sure I was on time when I came back three days later at the
first appointment of the day. My bottom was still sore from the last
spanking, and I was not looking forward to that day's ordeal. When I
arrived at the punishment room I had a surprise. Besides Miss
Lee and three other women, there were about ten girls my age in
the room. They all wore light blue dresses and were standing up along
one wall. Miss Sinthia explained that they were recent arrivals at
a girls' reform school and that part of their introduction to the
system is observing a few discipline sessions so that they knew what
is in store for them if they break the rules and earn punishment.
This was embarrassing to me because I was at the age where I was
starting to notice girls. And there I was about to get undressed to
be whipped, with a group of girls watching.

Seeing my hesitation, Miss Sinthia spurred things along. "Get
completely undressed, just as you do for your other spankings, and
lean across the punishment table."

I noticed that the girls were wide-eyed and excited. I sheepishly
removed my clothes and did as I was ordered. Miss Sinthia tied me
very firmly to the punishment table, and announced to the girls,
"Every two weeks every one of the students here gets a spanking of
twenty strokes, no matter what. If they have earned demerits for
breaking the rules, they get five strokes extra for each demerit. If
they have many demerits for serious infractions, as this student here
does, we have them come back as often as every three days for a
spanking. Every time they come here, it's twenty strokes, plus those
for the demerits. This one has four demerits to work off today, so he
will first get twenty for having to come here, then twenty more for
his demerits. I will now give him his first installment. Pay close
attention, girls. You are about to witness what happens to naughty
boys, and what could happen to you."

I heard Miss Sinthia walk to where the various punishment
instruments were hanging on the wall. She selected one, and I didn't
know yet what she was going to spank me with. She walked over to one
side to take her position, and I got that helpless feeling of being
totally at Miss Sinthia's mercy, knowing that there would be
precious little mercy shown by her.

Suddenly a flash of pain swiped across my bared bottom as I tensed up.
A scant few seconds later, another one. I gritted my teeth, not
wanting to cry out in front of the group of girls. Another A few
seconds later, the third stroke. I knew I couldn't hold out much
longer. The fourth stroke got a short exclamation from me. The fifth
stroke, which followed closely, made me fill the room with my reaction
to the pain. From then on the pain was so great that I stopped trying
to conceal my reaction. I also started to plead with Miss Sinthia.

"Please Miss Sinthia! Aaaauuugh! Please not so hard, please,
pleeeeeease! Owwwwwwww! Stop, Miss Sinthia, STOP! Aaaaugh! It
hurts too much! Please no more, no more! Owwwww!" On and on it went
for the entire measure of the twenty strokes.

I didn't know how I'd be able to endure another twenty strokes, but I
knew that there was no choice in the matter, and that soon I'd be
enduring them. Miss Sinthia walked around the room a couple of
times, swishing the rattan cane through the air.

She started to lecture the girls. "We are only halfway through this
boy's spanking. He earned today's session by accumulating four
demerits. I will now give him the twenty strokes for the four
demerits that he earned."

I pleaded with her during the entire ordeal. She paid no attention,
giving the second half with at least as much zeal as the first twenty
strokes. Miss Sinthia released me from the punishment table and
told me to stand directly in front of the girls, with my hands at my
sides. When I stood before the girls I had to tell them what I had
done to earn today's spanking. That was very humiliating, but I
didn't see as I had much choice.

By the time I had been there six months, I had gotten quite a few
extra spankings. After one of those, administered by Miss Sinthia, she
reminded me that I would have to take a spanking without being tied
and without getting out of position, before I could be released, and
that I should think about it. She said that if I tried it and
couldn't stay in position, that I would have to stay for two more
weeks and try again at the next spanking. By then I was really
wanting to get out of there.

At times I had considered escaping, but the consequences to those who
tried it (they were ALWAYS caught) were very unpleasant. They had
their stay at the school extended by six months, plus they earned
thirty-two demerits, which had to be worked off every three days, four
demerits at a time, plus twenty strokes each time. That's almost a
whole month of being severely spanked every three days. Those would
be in addition to the biweekly spankings they got, plus any spankings
for other demerits. Usually two or three of the students at a time
tried to escape, so I imagine that Miss Sinthia got a
lot of practice in the weeks that followed an attempt at escaping.

The first time I tried to take a spanking and stay in position, I
couldn't do it and stood up after eighteen strokes. If I could have
stayed in position for two more, I would have made it. But I had to
stay two more weeks and try again. It was really difficult, and it
took all my concentration, but I did manage to take that spanking. I
got out of there three days later, and I was sure glad to.