Fiction (kinda)
by Badfranz

The Disciplinarian. This was not the first time Ms Lee had prepared herself to administer discipline to Franz. She had dealt with him several times over the last few months, and she remembered each time vividly. From the first somewhat awkward time she took him over her knee, to the times she had strapped him; each one held a special memory. Franz, her submissive, was an excellent sub. He was successful, attractive, well rounded, and most importantly, was hers. However, with his personality was a touch of arrogance. It was understandable he was more intelligent then most, and had done well for himself, however, that was not an excuse for the character flaw, just a reason. Ms Lee had been able to "convince" him of this problem (a story for another time), and he agreed with her, and agreed with her method of dealing with it. Of course the fact that Ms Lee was still an extremely attractive woman didn't hurt when trying to convince him. So Ms Lee found herself getting ready ito go over and pay him a visit. She always believed in dressing well for these meetings. Today she had put on a cream blouse and black short skirt, both from Ann Taylor. Underneath she wore black thigh-high nylons, black lace French cut underwear with a matching bra and black pumps. She looked at herself in the mirror when she was finished and smiled. She looked wonderful. Her long blonde hair was up in a bun and she looked just like the classic English governess.
As she drove over to meet Franz, she thought about his punishment. Normally she slowly removed his clothes, but today she would march him into the living room, and strip him naked completely first. He was expecting her to come over now and discipline him, but this would be a surprise. It was still embarrassing for him to be stripped naked by her, more so because ever time she did it he started to get aroused. She didn't mind, it was natural, and she never let it hinder her from giving him what he had coming. Truth be told this always aroused Ms Lee too. Franz was very attractive with a nice build, especially his shoulders and chest. As she pulled up to the house, she began to get aroused. Pulling into the driveway, she stopped the car, got out, and went to the front door. At the door she gave herself a quick straightening out, then rang the bell. Franz had been waiting for Ms Lee to come by since she had phoned to inform him of her visit last night, and he had been thinking of it ever since. It was always with mixed emotions he waited his punishment sessions. Ms Lee could discipline; she knew how to administer punishment that would sting regardless of what instrument she used to dole out what he had coming. On top of that she knew just how to scold him and strip him to embarrass him and let him know he deserved what he was getting. On the flip side, she was very pretty, with a nice body for a woman in her 30s. When she was dressed up he always found her arousing. On top of that she had great legs, and when he was over those nylon-encased thighs he always got aroused. On more then one occasion she had removed her blouse and spanked him in her bra, and twice she took off the dress she had on and punished him in just her underwear, both times he had to struggle to keep from coming, although the feel of a leather belt did help keep him in check. Sitting in the living room he heard the car pull into the driveway, and knew the time had arrived. The doorbell rang, and a few moments later Franz opened the door and let his Mistress in. "Hello," he quietly said and he leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Hello Franz," she responded giving him a quick kiss in response. "Shall we begin?" she said. Franz nodded and started to turn and walk up to the bedroom. "Where are you going?" Ms Lee inquired. "Up to the bedroom for my punishment," he replied somewhat perplexed. "Not today," she said, "Come over here." Ms Lee walked to the center of the living room, and stood facing him, arms crossed. Franz walked over to her and stood in front of her. "Today will be a bit different," she said, and then proceed to unbutton his shirt. Franz stood motionless unsure of what was happening, while she removed his shirt, then had him step out of his shoes and socks, she unzipped his pants and removed those leaving him in just his briefs. She gave him a quick glance, then squatted down, affording him a nice view or her cleavage, hooking her fingers into the sides of his waistband, she slowly took them down to his knees where she let them go to fall around his ankles. He stepped out of the underwear and stood in front of her completely naked, and slightly aroused. Ms Lee smiled, and then walked over to the dining room table where she got a straight backed armless chair, brought it to the center of the room, and sat on it. "Well young man, I believe it is time to begin. Come over here, " she said and pointed to her lap. Franz slowly walked over, and draped himself over her lap where she positioned him for his spanking. Once positioned, Ms Lee placed her hand on his naked cheeks and began to give him a brief lecture. "I have told you several times about how your arrogance will put you in a bad light, and awkward positions. Well once again you have acted like a haughty young man and, as you can see you have ended up in a rather awkward position, over my knee awaiting an old-fashioned spanking. Since my other sessions with you have left no lasting impression on you, I have no choice but to be more firm in your correction." Ms Lee adjusted his position slightly, then asked, "Shall I begin?" "Yes, Ma'am," Franz responded. Ms Lee raised her hand back, then brought it down sharply, and with a loud SMACK, the disciplining had begun. Slowly she spanked him giving him time to feel each smack warm his bottom. Franz stayed still over her lap and took these initials spanks stoically. After a few minutes Ms Lee picked up the pace of the spanks, alternating between cheeks for the most part, although she occasionally would spank the same spot three times in a row for effect.Franz stayed still, but now he was exhaling a little harder with each blow. Ms Lee spanked his bottom for a little while longer until it was a nice shade of pink, and then she stopped. "Stand up,Franz." she ordered. Slowly Franz stood up and waited, his bottom warm and tingling. Ms Lee got up walked over to her pocketbook, and produced what Franz knew was next to come. Ms Lee took out the old wooden hairbrush. It was a solid cherry wood brush that Ms Lee had had since she was a young girl. It was a lovely hand crafted brush that could deliver quite a sting to a naughty bottom. Ms Lee then return to the chair, smoothed out her skirt, and pointed at her lap. Franz again placed himself over her lap. Ms Lee leaned over slightly and said in a low voice, "Franz I am very disappointed with your attitude, and I plan on making this a discipline session you will not soon forget." That said she straightened up, lifted the brush and began to deliver slow, stinging slaps to Franz’s bottom that rang throughout the house again she gradually picked up the pace causing Franz to "ooh" and "ahh" with each strike. Abruptly Ms Lee stopped. "This will never do. I need to be unhindered when I use this brush. Stand up," she said. Franz stood up next to Ms Lee lap. Ms Lee then stood up and unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, revealing her lace bra covering her lovely breasts. Franz stared at his Mistress's chest. She had a lovely bust, well-formed B-cups that were still firm. After placing her blouse over the arm of the couch, she returned to her original seat. "Now Franz lets try this again. Come now, over my lap you go." As instructed Franz resumed his position over her lap. Ms Lee then took back the brush and began to quickly pepper his bottom with sharp short cracks. Franz began to wiggle a bit. "Stay still (WHACK) (CRACK) Franz," she said ending the sentence with two more solid cracks. Pausing for a moment she spoke, "Much better, it is easier to swing the brush unhindered by the blouse." That said she proceed to lay 12 stinging spanks on his bottom, each one causing Franz to say "OW!" After the twelve she told him to stand up. "I think it is time for us to take a trip to the bedroom to continue your punishment Franz," Ms Lee announced. Yielding to her will Franz turned and walked up the stairs. Ms Lee took her blouse and the hairbrush and followed him. Once in the bedroom Ms Lee put her blouse down, and sat on the dressing bench at the foot of the bed. Tapping her hand with the hairbrush she said, "Come along young man, you know full well what to do." "Yes Ma'am," he replied and the moved to her side and again placed him self across her lap. Looking up Franz stared directly at the closet doors, which were full mirrors. He got a good view of her profile, and of himself over her lap while Ms Lee raised the hairbrush. Again the spanking began slow and methodical, and it was all Franz could do to stay still. The only thing that kept Franz from crying out was by concentrating at looking at the mirror and staring at either his Mistress bust, or legs. After what seemed to Franz like an eternity, but was probably no more then 5 or 10 minutes. Ms Lee told him to stand up. Standing up Franz noticed Ms Lee had worked up a thin coat of sweat, and more eye catching were that her nipples were hard. Ignoring all that, and Franz stare, Ms Lee continued to impose her corrective measures. "Franz, bring me the leather belt, I think its time you had a dose of the strap." Her words were spoken firmly but without raising her voice, and Franz simply knew to go and fetch the belt, pleading would only make it worse. He walked over to the dresser, opened the top drawer, and took out an old leather belt. The leather was dark tan, the front smooth the back a little raw and the belt itself was about three inches wide. Franz brought it to Ms Lee, who took it and then walked to the side of the bed. Ms Lee then took two pillows from the head of the bed and placed on the edge of the bed. "It is rather warm in here and I am wrinkling this skirt," she said, and then simply undid her skirt and removed it leaving her in just her heels, nylons, bra, and French cut black lace panties. Without any other fanfare she doubled the belt over she said, "Shall we begin?" A command more then a question. Franz laid over the edge of the bed with the pillows propping his bottom up. Again he was looking straight into the mirror and had a full view of Ms Lee standing behind him with his bottom offered up for his punishment. Ms Lee then drew back the strap and began to bring it down slowly over his bottom, each time with a bit more force. Franz cringed with each blow, but held still. Occasionally, she would stop to adjust her bra strap which would slide off her shoulder giving him a short break. After adjusting her bra three times, Ms Lee stopped, put the belt down and to Franz surprise removed her bra. When the bra came off it revealed two breasts that were lovely. Time had not taken much effect on their suppleness, and there was very little sagging, as a matter of fact they were quite firm. Almost immediately Franz began to get aroused. Then Ms Lee picked up the strap and, now topless, began to strap him again. In the mirror Franz got a full view of Ms Lee topless. He found her very sexy, and as he moved against the pillows, as he was strapped he found himself with a strange feeling of pleasure. The strap still stung, but gradually that feeling was becoming more and more pleasureful. As he continued to grind against the pillows, and stare into the mirror, he found himself starting down the road to orgasm, and he knew he wouldn't be able to stop. At the moment he didn't care. As Ms Lee continued to lay into him, Franz crossed the line, and moaned slightly then shuddered, releasing himself into the pillow beneath him. Ms Lee heard the moan and saw the shudder, and guessed at what had happened. It didn't really surprise her, just confirmed a suspicion. Right now she was also very turned on. Franz let the wave of euphoria engulf, and slowly pass. He let his head drop to the bed, but then he looked straight up again as the strap fell across his bottom again. With orgasm, so went the pleasure zone, and now the strapping was just pure sting. Ms Lee laid into him now, scolding him as she went. "You will (CRACK) learn to (SMACK WHACK) control your arrogance (WHACK CRACK CRACK), or you will (SMACK) find yourself (CRACK) being punished (CRACK SMACK) on a (CRACK) regular basis (CRACK WHACK SMACK)!" Franz ouched and twitched throughout the strapping. When his bottom was nice and red, and Ms Lee was slightly winded she stopped, and put down the strap. She walked over to her blouse and put it on buttoning two buttons, and leaving her bra off. Franz looked up at her, and even in his well-punished state realized that she was even sexier in the blouse thigh highs, panties and heels then in her bra. Picking up her bra she said to him, "You can relax for a second young man, then I want you downstairs so we can continue with your punishment." That said she turned and walked out the door. Franz remained on his stomach for a minute or so after she left, then he got up. His bottom was very sore and he rubbed it slowly. Checking the pillow he saw it was mess. He went to the bathroom, and got a damp rag to clean up a bit. While he was cleaning up, he got a look at his bottom; it was bright red, but not bruised. He knew this would be sore for a while. After cleaning the pillow, and composing himself, Franz, still naked opened the door, and went to receive the continuation of his discipline. Upon coming down the stairs, Ms Lee went and sat down on the couch. She was extremely worked up, and as she thought about the spanking her hand subconsciously slipped into her panties and she began playing with herself. Her left hand began to massage her nipples. Ms Lee generally got aroused during these sessions, but this was more then ever. While she was feeling herself, she heard the door open upstairs, and she quickly stopped and composed herself. As Franz came downstairs, he saw Ms Lee sitting on the couch in the same state of undress with her legs crossed. She was quite a sight, slightly sweated and a stern look on her face. Uncrossing her legs, she sternly stated, "Over my lap now young man." Obeying Ms Lee’s orders Franz walked over to Ms Lee who took him by the arm and put him over her lap. His bottom had cooled slightly but it took Ms Lee only a few spanks to warm it right back up again. Franz began to "ouch" his way through the spanking almost immediately. Then without warning Ms Lee took the hairbrush that she had set down next to her and began smacking him with it. This was the hardest Franz had ever received it, and he could feel his eyes begin to fill, and it took all his control not to burst out crying. "I'm sorry Ma'am, I will be behave better," he groaned while he was given his old-fashioned bottom blistering. "You will, or else," Ms Lee answered never missing a beat. The hair brushing continued a little longer and then it stopped. Franz stood up his eyes red and rimmed with tears, a true sorry young man, however, Ms Lee was not through. "I see I left the strap upstairs, oh well I guess its back up to the bedroom," she simply stated, and pointed to the stairs. Franz was about to protest, but thought better of it, and slowly started to climb the stairs. Ms Lee followed behind getting a good look at his red swollen bottom. This was indeed the most thorough and severe she had been with him. She grinned, and at the same time realized that her arousal was growing every minute. Once upstairs Ms Lee took the belt and had Franz stand in front of the mirrored closet door, and grab the top of the doorframe with his hands. She then unfurled the belt to its full length, drew it back and began to whip him with it. After 2 lashes she stopped and Franz saw her in the mirror remove her blouse. Then she delivered another 6 slow stinging lashes that caught both cheeks. All the while Franz moaned as each lash struck, but kept his eyes fixed on Ms Lee’s form. After the 8th total lash, Ms Lee stopped, put the belt down and to Franz’s astonishment took off her panties, leaving her in just her thigh highs and heels. She was truly a stunning woman, and Franz was now totally erect. Ms Lee picked up the belt and continued the whipping laying on another dozen cracks, which while making Franz groan, did not change his state or arousal. After the whipping Ms Lee arranged the pillows again and put Franz over them. Just as before Franz saw this now naked stern woman administering him the strapping of his life, and as before he moaned and writhed until he was close to orgasm. He was at the edge when he saw how erect Ms Lee’s nipples were, and then saw the strap come down as if in slow motion to strike him. That pushed him over and he again orgasmed. Again Ms Lee recognized the reaction, she gave him five more with the strap just so he would feel the sting, and then stopped. Picking up her clothes she said, "Stay up here young man until I call for you." Then she left the room and went downstairs. Once downstairs, Ms Lee sat on the couch. She was completely aroused, more the she thought possible. She immediately began touching and rubbing herself. The thought of the disciplining she just administered drove her wild, and the images in her mind led her to a wonderful climax. When she had regained her composure, she dressed herself. She walked to the foot of the stairs and called up. "Franz, come down here young man." A moment later Franz came down to find her fully dressed standing in front him arms folded. "Well Franz I hope you have learned a lesson today." Standing naked in front of her he simply nodded. "Good, I am sure you will feel the effects of this for the next several days. Now to conclude, I think one last trip across my thighs is in order." Without waiting for reply she turned and sat herself on the chair. Franz walked over and placed himself over her thighs for his spanking. She gently rubbed his sore, red bottom. "Now young man, I hope I will see a change in your attitude," she said softly and proceeded to slowly spank him. This spanking was not as hard, it was slower and while the slaps did sting they were not as severe. Ms Lee was just warming his bottom slightly. After 10 minutes or so, she stopped. Franz got up and Ms Lee got her pocketbook and the hairbrush. Franz walked her to the door. When they got to the door s Ms Lee stopped, "One last thing Franz, lean up against the wall with you hands and legs spread." Even though surprised he did as he was told. Once in position Ms Lee put down her bag, took the hairbrush and stood next to him. She ran the back of the hairbrush up each thigh and let it brush up against his balls. It sent a shiver up his spine. She then proceeded to deliver 10 sharp swift cracks which caught Franz by surprise and made him cry out. When she was done she turned him to face her and she gave him a soft kiss, and a hug. She whispered in his ear, "You took your punishment well today Franz, and I am proud of you. I hope this will be the last time I need to punish you, but if it isn't I just wanted you to remember what the hairbrush felt like." With that she gave him another quick kiss, opened the door and left quickly. While walking to her car, Ms Lee began getting aroused just thinking about what had just transpired, and sincerely hoped this would not be the last time she had to discipline him.