Friday, March 7, 2014


Mistress Ladytiger is letting the little boy out in me again for some over due punishment that i should of gotten for when i was a kid. So for the next few days or what ever we are going back in time to the 6th grade when i stated having discipline problems in school. Mistress will be my loving but strict Auntie who i live with.

So yesterday i sent her a text saying "Auntie i got sent home with a note from school today." and later that day she replied that she would deal with me when she got home.

When she got home i gave her the note from my teacher along with a couple of detention slips that i recreated real detentions from back then. One detention was for excessive talking in class, one for not being prepared in class and my favorite one is putting thumbtacks on girls chairs. (yes i use to be a jerk like that) After she read all of them she lectured me about how its wrong to put tacks on chairs and what not and then went off and got the hair brush paddle and told me to get ready and get over her lap as she sat down in her desk chair. So i imedeantly dropped my shorts and boxers and got over her lap. And BAM ! No warning, no warmup, just strait to the hairbrush. She gave me a a round for each detention and for the note. Each round was pain full and seemed to last for ever (approx 25 swats per round) She punctuated with each stroke with some sort of scolding and by the end of the punishment my bottom was bright red and burning like fire. It really really hurt but now some of the guilt i have is gone so it has its purposes.

Tonight i get suspended from school for fighting......We'll see how that rolls over.

UPDATED: Well she wasn't very happy about me getting suspended i got 180 swat bare bottom OTK it hurt its now four hours later and my bottom still hurts

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