Wednesday, November 6, 2013


This is kinda a old video clip we did called Mistress Paddles. This might be a re post but I am not sure. Id appreciate some feed back on this.


  1. Your butt is so hard! It can endure so much! Much tougher than me!

  2. Lady Tiger is a very good spanker and you take a spanking very well. i have enjoyed your videos for years and also you new art section. Please continue with the great spankings and art work. thanks

  3. I/We both enjoyed your video and 3minutes of good bun warming. Happy couple here, late 50's and jon gets his butt smacked when ever I feel like it :)
    Sheryl n jon

  4. I have been a fan of your videos for quite some time so it was a delight to see a new one. Mistress LadyTiger seems to be a very accomplished disciplinarian.

    Will be looking forward to more of these gems.

  5. Only thing I saw wrong with this video was that it wasn't me getting the spanking
    Loved It


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