Sunday, September 29, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013


I am sitting here waiting for Mistress Ladytiger to get home to paddle me. My question to you is what do you normally do when waiting for your punishment.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Today was role playing day a rare treat for me. It was back to school time for me and along with my strict teacher Miss Ladytiger. I being the student i wore my school boy outfit, a white collar shirt, blue school shorts, white socks and black shoes topped off with a school badge on the shirt and matching tie. Miss Ladytiger wore a teacher like outfit of a long sleeve button up white blouse and a long gray skirt with her hair up with flats.

Anyhow we did three scenes which i wrote earlier in the week,

Scene one was me ignoring her class lecture and looking at girls on my school computer, which she caught me and made me go over the spanking horse bare bottomed for a few dozen hard swats with the school paddle.

Scene two was me failing to turn in my home work again even after she warned me what would happen if i failed again. I was sent back over the spanking horse bare bottom for more hard swats from the school paddle and then six strokes with the school cane.

Scene three was detention for me because i put a tack on her chair and she caught me. She lecured me and bared my bottom again over the horse i went for two dozen storkes with the school cane and i bunch with this preschool cane we have.

My bottom was  beaten and sore and i figured we were done but she had a surprise for me. Added to the scene that my teacher called her and told her about all the trouble i was in. So Auntie took me by the hand and pulled down my shorts and undies and just start spanking me hard with the hair brush paddle over and over again. Lecturing me......... Then she then told me this extra was for spending a bunch of money with out asking first. So i deserved it.

Later in the day i broke the three strikes rule we have about something and Mistress gets kinda mad about that when it happens so its never fun when i get punished for it.. She told me to take off my shorts and undies and bend over the pillows on the edge of the bed. Once i was in position she began blistering my bottom again with the school paddle. It really F&*king hurt and i didn't even try to keep count.

So i sit here with a very sore a red bottom. I hope you had a nice weekend to.