Sunday, April 14, 2013


I can't believe i did this and i wanna blow up spell check but i miss spelled Mistress Rebecca's name in older posts. I'm sorry ma'am and i think i fixed it.

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  1. You are so right about not upsetting your mistress. I did upset her recently and I got a real shock when I arrived at her apartment for my punishment spanking. There in the living room were 4 other ladies. At my mistress's instructions I admitted my recent bad behaviour and that I had come for a punishment spanking. I had never had my spankings witnessed by others before and I was feeling somewhat anxious. My mistress then placed her spanking chair in the middle of the living room and ordered me to drop my jeans to my ankles and to get over her knee. She then bared my bottom and proceeded to administer a very hard spanking with a hairbrush. Finally, with my bottom glowing bright red, I was ordered to stand up and tell the witnesses how I had deserved the spanking, which I then did. I thought that was the end of my chastisement. Not so, my mistress then announced that I was to receive a 5 minute bare bottom hairbrush spanking from of the 4 ladies. Each of these lovely ladies took great joy in delivering very hard, rapid hairbrush spankings. After the last spanking I was given cornertime with my bare bottom exposed as the ladies resumed their book club meeting. Following the cornertime I served tea and refeshments to the ladies and my mistress. My mistress has informed me that she intends to repeat this event if my behaviour doesn't improve. So don't upset your mistress.


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