Sunday, April 14, 2013


The other day i was doing my morning rituals when while shaving the sink started to drain real slow and back up (as usual). Well normally if you kinda jiggle the sink stopper with the handle it helps it drain better. But this morning i was in a hurry to go over to Mistress Rebecca's house. So i kinda got over zealous when jiggling the plunger and broke it. But i didn't realize this at the time so after i finished shaving. I dumped drain cleaner in the soapy water and then finished getting ready and walked out the door. I was gone for a few hours and when i went back into the bathroom to look at the sink it was still full of water. Since most of the soapy water had cleared up and i could see the stopper was closed and the handle was open position. I said a few well chosen words and then tried to drain the sink but i could not get the stopper to open. So i had to bail out the water into a bucket.

Anyhow I knew when Mistress Ladytiger got home i'd have to tell her i broke the sink. I tried a few times to fix it but  failed so i gave up. When Mistress Ladytiger finally got home I told her that the sink was broken and explained how it broke and it was my fault. So asked her to punish me for it. She said well of course your gonna get punished. You should have been more careful.

She then told me to go into the bedroom and prepare for a spanking. So i  went in and took off my shorts and underwear and stood by the bed. She walked into the room, went to the closet and grabbed the wood hair brush paddle off the hook that it hangs from on the bedroom wall. She then walked over to the bed and sat down.

She patted her lap and told me to bend over her knee, which i quickly did. She gave me a short lecture about now we have to fix it and now the landlord might have to come by. Then she began the punishment.

She started off with a hard hand spanking on my bottom covering the entire buttocks area and focusing on the sit spot. After a few minutes she stopped and lectured me a little bit and picked up the hairbrush paddle. I saw what she had in hand and braced my self for the hair brush. She gave me a couple of light taps on each cheek to let me know it was gonna start. Then she let loose and rapid and hard volley of swats alternating cheeks. I became rigid and stared to yelp out some from the stings of the hairbrush. After a long session of varying  swats she stopped again and rubbed my now sore and reddish bottom. Then after a few minutes of rest she started up again but this time she wanted to make a point and she gave me twenty extremely hard swats one right after another to my sit spot on my left cheek. Then did the same exact thing  to my right cheek. Its was such a painful shock to me i yelped out and just tried to stay in position for her. And that was the end of my punishment. She hasn't used the hairbrush paddle in a while so it was painful.

Then, to top it off, she went in the bathroom, used the rubber plunger as a suction cup, and was able to fix the sink where all my earlier efforts had failed.


I can't believe i did this and i wanna blow up spell check but i miss spelled Mistress Rebecca's name in older posts. I'm sorry ma'am and i think i fixed it.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Hanz has a spanking nightmare.