Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I am temporarily shutting down my blog down so i can regroup and concentrate more  on a new spanking website project I am toying with that i think is kinda cool.

My spanking life style has changed a bit, Mistress Ladytiger and i are renegotiating our spanking lifestyle contract so lately spanking aren't happening or i don't feel like it worth sharing. Actually thats not true i just cant seem to write about spankings like i use to. And its pissing me off. Mistress Rebecca and I are back together again as spanking partners so its nice to play with her again. But were taking it kinda slow.

Anyhow to all of you i say thank you for your visits and comments. please check back when i re open in 03/03/13 or sooner who knows.. I just thought the date looked cool so thats why i chose it.

Take care and never give up.


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  1. Franz, I'll miss those clips of the fantastic spankings you receive from Mistress Lilytiger. Good luck with your writer's block, hope to see you (and Ms. Lilytiger) back soon.

  2. I love your pictures. Please come back one day!!


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