Friday, July 20, 2012


My "Daddy" Gary came over yesterday for a quick visit and an over due punishment spanking. We talked for a bit and talked about why i needed to be punished.

When the pleasantries were over it was time for my punishment. I stripped down to my birthday suit which is very humiliating to me still.When i was finished he took me by the arm and it was time.

He blistered my bottom for a good 30 minutes in multi positions including the diaper position which i really hate. All during the spanking he scoled me and switched off spanking me with three different hair brushes, the long handled bath brush, the big wood hair brush and the heavy hair brush paddle. It wasn't long before i was yelping in pain and my bottom was fully a blaze.

But i deserved what i got for punishment because little boys shouldn't steal. Below are the end results of his spanking.

This is the forth time i have been spanked by a man and its very different than getting spanked by a woman.


  1. I agree getting spanked by another guy is very different than by a women. We have always been taught to stand up to other guys and now here i am pulling my pants and underwear down and putting myself over his knee so he can spank me like a little boy


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