Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012


On Saturday my loving Mistress Ladytiger gave me a wonderful experience. I can’t write all the details because it would be way too long of a read so I’m just going to try to write a summary of the event.
It was Saturday afternoon and my Mistress and I were just doing stuff around the house. When I got a better idea than doing chores, I walked over and asked my Mistress if she was in the mood to play with me. She replied with a smile “Does my little boy need some attention.” And I replied very gleefully and in my little boy voice “Yes Ma’am, would you please rub my wiener.“  She said yes and we went into the bedroom.

I got undressed and got on the bed and sat in the middle and leaned back against the wall on some pillows. Mistress took off her shirt leaving only her bra on and crawled up and sat between my legs.  She began to suck and stroke my cock slowly until it got fully erect. Then she reached over to the nightstand and got the bottle of lubricant and applied a little to her hand.

Now I’m going to be brief about what happened next.

She stroked and sucked my cock for almost a half hour. She brought me to the brink of orgasm multiple times but I couldn’t cum. She then suggested that we put some clothes pins on those “naughty balls”. And she reached into the night stand drawer and got some. She placed ten clothes pins all over my now tightened balls that gave me an intensely painful feeling, but then she started stoking my cock again which was very pleasurable. After a little while she stopped stroking and slowly started to remove one clothes pin at a time but would stroke my cock rapidly for a few minutes after each one. My body cringed and jerked after each one was removed and I cried out. After the last one was removed I was so sexually turned on and over come with emotions that I knew something had to be done to resolve this feeling, and an orgasm wasn’t going to do it. I looked into my Mistress’s eyes as she was jerking me off and said “Mistress I need you to take the wood hair brush and spank my ass!”  She smiled and said “OK.” and reached over and got it from the night stand.

I quickly got up as she moved to sit on the edge of the bed with hair brush in hand. I asked if she was ready and I laid across her lap with my bottom sticking up and out waiting for what came next. There was no warm up or build up. She began spanking me with the hairbrush full strength. The room echoed with the loud smacking sound of the hair brush contacting my bottom. I began to cry out in pain after a few swats. She thoroughly punished my bottom over and over again. She continued rhythmically spanking my bottom with the brush. Suddenly my cries of pain turned into sounds of ecstasy as I fell deep into subspace.  She kept spanking my now well punished bottom until she couldn’t anymore and she fell back over on to the bed in exhaustion.  I stayed over her lap completely spent and out of breath, in shock that I actually got into subspace. She then sat back up and gave me a quick succession of hard swats that made me come back to reality. I yelped in pain again and she laughed.
I haven’t gone into subspace from a spanking in; well I don’t remember the last time to be honest. All I know is I am very lucky to have Mistress Ladytiger in my life.

Below is a picture of the end result of the spanking.


Friday, April 6, 2012


Hanz goes to a special kind of doctor.