Thursday, January 26, 2012


I just got home from Ms. Debbie's house and i have a sore bottom. She came over and picked me up this morning to go over to her house to work on my pain tolerance a little. I am expecting to see my "daddy" dom next week. And my pain tolerance is so low that a spanking from him at the moment would not be very fun. So with the help of  Ms. Debbie and my Mistress we are trying to build it back up by spanking me more than normal.

Anyhow we arrived at her house and got right down to it. We went out back to the dungeon but it was freezing cold inside. So she grabbed a few spanking paddles from the wall and we retreated back into the house. We decided it would be best to play in her bedroom where her dogs wouldn't bother us. So we went into her room and shut the door. She went over and sat down on the edge of the bed and placed the paddles next to her. I got undressed and walked over to where she was sitting. She tapped her lap and i laid across. We chatted alittle as i laid their over her lap and she gently rubbed my bottom. She started off with a warm up using only her hand. Spanking me with one hand for a bit then switching to her other hand. After i was warmed up to her liking she switched over to one of the wooden paddles and increased the tempo of the spanking. During all this we were still chatting and having fun, stopping occasionally to rub my bottom and take a short break. She spanked me over and over again rotating between two different wood paddles and a short leather strap. We played for about thirty minutes and finally stopped when my bottom was beyond red and turning off white.

It was a fun session that both me and Ms Debbie really enjoyed.

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