Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My good friend Ms. Debbie or as i call her Auntie Debbie gave me a spanking last weekend. We have an arrangement where if i do any work for her, she will give me a fun spanking in return. Its a fair trade i suppose under the circumstances. So last Saturday i cleaned the private dungeon at her house for a play party that our local BDSM group was having that night. After i was done cleaning, it was time for my reward i guess you could call it. She took me into the dungeon and she sat down on one of the benches against the wall and told me to prepare for my spanking. So i removed my shoes, shorts and underwear and walked over to her. She then told me to go over to the wall where the spanking implements are hanging and get the small OTK wood paddle and the larger heavier black OTK wood paddle. Once i got the items she requested i returned and gave her the implements and she then tapped her lap signaling me to get over her knee. Once i was in position she rubbed my bare bottom and said i was a good boy for cleaning the dungeon and she was happy with it. Then with out warning she began to spank me with her hand not real hard to warm me up. After a bit she switched over to the small wood paddle and really began to spank me. I started to squirm a bit and yelp a little from each swat.  She then stopped and rubbed my now reddened bottom and said that my pain tolerance seems to be low today. I chuckled in response to her comment and whimpered yes Ma'am. She then picked up the heavier wood paddle and really started lay into me. It fucking hurt ! I gasped for a breath and tensed up. I couldn't believe how low my pain tolerance was and i started to kick my legs and suddenly raised my chest up off the bench and propped my self up with my hands on the bench arching my back. Which was really dumb to do because it was really uncomfortable and she just pushed me back down. Plus i know better than to do that, it was out of reflex i guess.. She then said she wasn't gonna stop paddling me until my bottom went from bright red to that grayish white color skin turns after a while during a spanking. (You know what i mean.) What then seemed like forever but was probably only a few minutes. She paddled my bottom soundly,  she finally finished with some well placed hard swats with the paddle on my sit spot.  My bottom was now how she wanted it she told me and she stopped. I was now out of breath and very sore. She told me to get up and get dressed. I stumbled to my feet rubbing my bottom and thanked her as i got dressed.

I love my Auntie Debbie and i am very lucky to have her in my life.


  1. I wish you had filmed your spanking like you have in the past. The two hairbrush clips you posted recently were red-hot.

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    1. Its hard to convince my Mistress to do video clips but i will have more soon. Thanks


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