Friday, July 15, 2011


My "daddy" paid me a visit today for the first time in almost a year.But before he came to visit me he warned me in a email to be prepared for the paddle when i see him. So i was a little nervous about seeing him knowing that i was gonna get it.

He arrived at my house in the mid morning and we sat down and caught up on what we have been doing since we last saw each other. Then he asked me if i have been behaving for my Mistress and i said that we have been getting along pretty well. Then he asked me if i was behaving properly in general. I sighed and look at him and said no i haven't been behaving that good lately. He replied well you need to be punished for that and i am going to punish you now. He told me to go get the new paddle i told him about i got at Dom-con and come right back. I quickly retrieved the paddle and returned to him handing him the paddle. He then reached up and unbuckled my shorts and lowered them to the floor then pull down my underwear. He said to step out of the clothes that were now around my ankles and get over his right knee. Once i was over his knee he quickly began to assault my bare bottom with the paddle very hard. I flinched as each swat of the paddle contacted my bottom and started to let out a muttered yelps. He paddled my bottom long and very hard for a little while covering my entire bottom, then he told me to get up. My bottom was very sore and deep red. He then had me stand in front of him and bend over where he continued to paddle my bottom. Each swat impacted my bottom hard and i began to yell out in pain more and more. One swat hit me so hard that i jerked up and yelled out and walked away for a second. Then realizing what i did i quickly got back into position and apologized. Finally after a few dozen more hard swats he stopped and told me to go into the bedroom. Once there he told me to put two pillows stacked up on the center of the bed and lay over them. He went into the other room where i keep my spanking implements and got the two long handled wooden bath brushes. After returning from getting the brushes he scolded me some more and began spanking me with one of bath brushes hard and fast for a little bit. Each swat stung like hell and i yelled out occasionally from the pain. When he was satisfied with what he did he then told me to roll over and lay on my back with my legs over my head (diaper position). He placed the two pillows under my bottom to make it stick up in the air more. He took the other heavier bath brush and then really started to spank me hard on my sit spots.. This was the most painful part of the spanking and i began to cry out in pain after each swat. I struggled to stay in position and not move so he wouldn't miss his target. Lucky he only gave me a about a dozen swats like that or i would have probably died.

After the punishment was over he rubbed some lotion on my now well punished bottom and told me this is what happeneds to naughty boy who don't behave. I learned my lesson and thanked him.

We then went out to lunch and had a wonderful time. Below is a aftermath picture taken about six hours after the spanking.

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