Saturday, July 16, 2011


My Mistress and i were talking while she was at work about what she was gonna do when she got home. And the conversation took a twist towards something else. Realizing that i wasn't going to be able to do what she wanted to do. I had to confess to her that i did something that i wasn't suppose to do with out asking her first. Well she was furious at me for doing what i did and breaking the promise i made about asking her first. She told me that she will be stopping off at the orchard to cut fresh willow switches to use on me for my punishment. I was horrified by this because i hate willow switches and knew i was in deep trouble.

For the rest of the day my mood was horrible and i couldn't stop thinking about what i did wrong and how much trouble i was in. I couldn't believe how stupid i was to do that and now i am going to pay for it in agony. I walked into the bathroom and striped to take a shower but before i did i looked at my bare bottom and saw that it was still very bruised and sore from the punishment my "daddy" just gave me the day before. After showering i put on my clothes and just sat in front of my computer and starred at it waiting for her to get home. Which seemed like forever.

When she walked in the door she was carrying a bundle of switches and she walked over to me and said are you ready young man? I looked up at her with tears starting to form in my eyes and said softly while looking at the floor can i pleases have five minute to smoke a cigarette Ma'am? She agreed and went into he other room to prepare the switches. As i was finishing my cigarette she walked back in and said ready? I slowly got up and said yes Ma'am and walked into the second bedroom. She sat down on our spanking chair and told me that she was very up set at me and i was in big trouble. She then told me to strip and get over her lap. I quickly did as i was told. With out warning she began to spank me very hard with her hand and i was already starting to yelp a little due to the previous damage from yesterdays spanking. The spanking was hard and long and i was deeply sad that i screwed up so bad. Towards the end i was struggling on her lap and was yelping louder in pain. When she finished she told me to go into the bedroom. I got up and went strait into the bedroom. But before i did i looked at her with sorrow in my eyes and said i really sorry Mistress. And she replied no you will be soon.

I walked in the bedroom to find two pillows stacked up on the bed and in the chair next to the bed were the finished willow switches. I took a deep breath and laid over the pillows making my bottom stick up in the air. She came in and lectured me a little before she got started. Then I suddenly heard the distinctive "wisp" sound of the switch rushing threw the air, it landed and i yelled out and body tensed up. Before i could recover she rapidly applied the switch over and over, harder and harder. I buried my face into a pillow and screamed out in pain. When she was finished with one switch she picked up and another and began the process again. Each round seemed harder and faster. There must have been around 30 stokes or more per round it was to fast to try to count. She used a total of five different switches and breaking two of them on my bottom. By the time she finished i was out of breath and my bottom and thighs were covered in deep red welts. I was in agony and completely spent. I laid there on the bed trying to redeem  my composure and catch my breath. She went over and got a bottle of lotion and began to rub it all over my back side and thighs. She said i was forgiven and gave me a kiss on the neck. I said I was very sorry for being bad and rubbed my backside.

I learned a important lesson that i won't soon forget.

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