Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yesterday I went over to my good friend Debbie's house or as i sometimes call her "Auntie" Debbie but she is really known as Mistress LadyNight. I do all kinds of stuff for her around her house and in return sometimes she will give me a "fun" spanking. So yesterday I was over there doing some work for her and i asked her if she would be willing to give me a spanking in return for the work. She delightfully agreed and we went into her Dungeon (its her garage converted into a play room) Anyhow she went over to the wall and grabbed two paddles from it. Then walked back over to a bench and sat down on it. She then told me to get my shorts and underwear off and place them on the couch. So i quickly did as i was told and walked back over to her. She tapped her lap and i bent over her knee. She then started spanking me with a normal heavy wooden paddle for a bit, which hurt. Then stopped for a bit and rubbed my bottom some. Then switched over to another wood paddle that had holes in it and began to spank me with that one for a bit, which hurt more. The spanking only lasted maybe five or more minutes but it wasn't meant to be about punishment. It was about pleasure or the rush you get from a fun spanking. When she was done spanking me she told me to go over to the mirror on the wall and look ant my bare bottom. I got up off her lap and walked over to the mirror  and my bottom was red and a little sore but no major harm done. I haven't been spanked by her in a while and it was nice to be back over her knee again. There's nothing like a good old fashion play spanking.

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