Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yesterday when my Mistress Ladytiger came over she noticed that i forgot to take my morning medications again. So with my medicine box in hand she scolded me for not taking them like i am suppose too as she walked into the bedroom.. Now i didn't post this prior violation here on the blog due to.......well i just don't post every spanking i get anymore. Anyhow she then told me to get ready for my punishment. She walked over to my bed and reached behind it where she keeps a small wooden paddle. Then she sat on the bed and placed a pillow folded in half on her lap to get my butt up in the air so its a better target. She then told me to drop my pants and underwear and get over her lap. So i quickly did as i was told so not to anger her anymore. Once i was into position the punishment began. She quickly began applying the paddle to my bare bottom HARD and very fast. As soon as the first couple of swats hit me i knew i was in serious trouble since i just got spanked for this like four days ago. While she spanked me she continued to scold me for being a bad little boy and not taking my medicine. I began to yelp out "OUCH" and started to struggle a little bit but she continued to assault my poor bottom with the paddle. Finally after what seemed like forever (which was probably only like five minutes) she stopped spanking me. My bottom was brite red and sore from the spanking and i was very sorry when she was done. After she finished she rubbed my bottom a little bit and i caught my breath. She then announced to my shock that if i fail to do take my pills again she would use something more severe and it would be a lot longer spanking.

Hopefully i wont forget again anytime soon because i don't wanna find out what she meant by something more severe.

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  1. OMG my fiance does that to me but then i do it her too.


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