Sunday, April 17, 2011


My Mistress Ladytiger brought over some freshly cut willow switches that she wanted to use on me today. Now I haven't had a switch used on me in like five years but I do remember that I don't care for them. Anyhow after she cut them how she wanted them and had them properly prepared she told me to go into the play room and take off my clothes and bend over the spanking horse. She then shortly came into the room carrying the ten willow switches she just finished preparing. She first began to use a different single switch at a time on my bare bottom for a couple of hard strokes to find one she liked. Since its been so long since I have had a switch used on me i forgot how much they really burn on contact. So on occasion during the switching i yelped pretty loud and would jump due to the sudden pain, plus the switch kept wrapping around my waist and it really fucking hurt.

After she used all the switches on me she bundled about four together into a birch with a hair tie and whipped me with it for a bit. She finally stopped when one of the strokes hit me so hard and hurt so bad i yelled "FUCK" and basically got out of position and walked over to the wall to gather my self. Which i know is a big NO NO in the land of spanking but she laughed and said we were done for now.

Below are two pictures of the end results of said punishment. One picture looks kinda funny because i edited.


  1. Hmm, as I recall YOU were the one that kept asking Me about willow switches and saying I should stop at the grove and get some. You know one of my fav quotes is "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!"

  2. It's much more fun when you do it in the open air! I just got my first outdoors switching of the year this past weekend -and I know I can expect my wife to deliver the same treatment many times over the next six months in all sorts of locations when we are on a hike!


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