Friday, April 15, 2011


My Mistress Lydia has a standing rule that if i wanna "jerk off" i have to ask ahead of time and get permission before hand. Well yesterday i basically forgot to ask, mainly because i don't "jerk off" very often anymore and forgot about the rule. So when my Mistress came by she wanted to, well "do it". I had to confess to her that i already had "cum" from earlier that day. Well after a little lecture about what i had done we did what she wanted to do and lucky i could still perform and made her very happy. But that did get me out of the punishment still to come. She told me to go get the lexan paddle with the rough ping pong rubber coating over it and come back into the bedroom.

Now this paddle is reserved for serious punishment spankings only. Mainly because it fucking hurts like hell. When it contacts the skin from a solid stroke it kinda "bites" the skin and has a intense burning sensation. I haven't found a paddle that stacks up to this one yet and the funny thing is i bought this thing on E BAY about ten years ago.

Anyhow i quickly returned to the bedroom with said paddle in hand. My Mistress was sitting on the bed with her back against some pillows against the wall. She told me to give her the paddle and get over her lap. Now if you have ever been spanked like this its kinda awkward because of the positioning of your bottom and the limit of how much back swing you can get while spanking. To remedy the position of my bottom so it wasn't just laying flat across her lap she made me pull my knees up a little towards my chest so i was kinda on my knees a little bit and kept my chest flat on the bed so my bottom was sticking more out and i was more bent over her lap.

Well she really let me have it with that damn paddle. It was really hard to stay in position for the spanking because it was uncomfortable and i kept wanting to lay down on her lap after a few hard strokes to rest but she wouldn't let me. I started "yelping" after each stroke and my bottom felt like it was on fire. She finally stopped because she kept hitting the wall on the back swing with the paddle and my bare bottom was very red and was stating to blister. I was exhausted from trying to stay in position during the spanking and learned a lesion i wont soon forget.

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