Monday, March 21, 2011


This punishment spanking was for breaking the rule about me partying too much. And this punishment spanking was a two part punishment that took two days to finish. It was two Friday's ago when i got caught partying when i wasn't suppose to. So on that following Sunday my Mistress LadyTiger came over and talked to me about what i had done and was gonna discipline me for it. We decided that we would try a automatic spanking program called "Random Spanker" to decide the punishment for me. So we imputed the proper information it asks for and it spit out a punishment for offense. Now normally we don't use such programs for punishment guidelines but i wanted to try it out just for the hell of it.

Well to my surprise it was pretty brutal of a punishment but i already agreed to accept what it said so the punishment began. She took me over her knee and used a wood hair brush on my bare bottom. Now here is what the punishment was on the print out sheet listed below. They are supposed to be given in rounds.

20 strokes well laid on the right cheek only, 30 strokes applied vigorously to the left cheek only, 30 strokes administered to each cheek, 30 strokes applied vigorously to the right cheek only, 25 strokes administered vigorously to each cheek and 30 strokes administered to each cheek...........

Now we stopped the punishment here even though the program recommend another 8 more rounds totaling almost over 200 more strokes in varying placement. The reason why we stopped it not because my ass was very sore and i learned my lesson but my ass became numb. Which happens sometimes to me so i told her and we decided to reschedule the rest of the punishment till Tuesday. Plus the fact that I need a new spanking hair brush. This one i have is kinda light and dosen't really do it for me.

So Tuesday comes along and she comes back over gets her long handed bath brush and tells me to drop my pants and underwear and bend over the spanking horse. Basically to make a long story short. She beat the crap out of me with it, no sorry i didn't count the strokes. But she drove the point home that i shouldn't party like that again. Below is a picture of the end result of the spanking with the long handled hair brush.


  1. Well Young Man I hope you learned what happens to naughty bad boys who party too much when they have work to do!

  2. Looks like a sound thrashing! Hope you learned your lesson. :)


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