Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is a video clip of a spanking I got on Sunday afternoon for general disobedience. It features my Mistress LadyTiger giving me a hard OTK bare bottom spanking with her hand at first and then she switches to our small wooden paddle.


  1. she has obviously thrashed your arsecheeks soundly and expertly I would have been given an enema and impaled on a very thick butt plug before my mistress"partner"thrashed my buttocks , she mostly prefers to use her hand and then a medium tawse, your video is excellent ,a far cry from the usuall photo shop stuff we spanksters have to endure

  2. excellant otk spanking. loved the giggle at the end. she seemed to really enjoy herself plus she did a real good job of reddening the bottom

  3. Thus demonstrates the perfect union between a stern mistresses ideal punishment-platform thighs and a naughty male miscreant's abdomen--indeed, made for each other. Special notice is given to the crack-bridging method best accomplished with an optimally designed paddle, guaranteed to BRAND
    the lesson deeply into the scarlet skin of the errant male's deserving bare seat. Also can't say enough for the her stern visage briefly glimpsed as she changed over to the paddle. All I can say further is I'd be impatiently in line right behind you for a steady and well-deserved dose of her expertly delivered, relentless corrective therapy.


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