Thursday, July 22, 2010


On Saturday night I got spanked by four different female Doms. I got thoroughly spanked by Mistress X, my Mistress Ladytiger, my Mistress Rebecca and finally Lady P. Instead of writing about each experience in a story like fashion im gonna show pictures with some captions instead. So enjoy.

Me getting spanked on the cross by Mistress X with a wooden spoon.

Me getting spanked with a lexan paddle by Mistress X

Me getting spanked with a paddle by Mistress Rebecca.

The end result of Mistress Rebeccas paddling.

Now I am still waiting on some more pictures from this party so i will up load them once i get them. The sad thing is I dont have any pictures of me getting spanked by my Mistress Ladytiger or by Lady P. So I will have to tell you about those spankings i got.

Mistress Ladytiger put me up on the spanking horse and spanked me with a leather paddle and a wooden paddle that night which really hurt. Now Lady P bent me over a table and spanked me with a couple of different wooden paddles and the lexan paddle which she actually broke over my ass while spanking me. This lady really really hits hard when she spanks and it takes a lot to break a lexan paddle. I was really bruised up the next day from all the spankings i got that night.

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