Thursday, July 29, 2010


On Tuesday night I spent the night over at my Mistress's Rebecca's house for our usual get together. We were both very tired and decided to go to bed early and play in the morning. As usual she woke up early (around 7:00 am) so we both got showered and after she cooked me some yummy eggs and toast. She decided that I needed a good hard paddling because, well she just felt like it. And she wanted to take some pictures of the paddling so she called her friend up and asked her to come over to take some pictures. After her friends arrival she went back into her bedroom and got out my wooden paddle with holes in it and told me to drop my shorts and undies and bend over the end of the couch. SO i quickly did so because I have learned in the past you must act quickly or the spanking will be worse. Once I was ready and got into position with my bare bottom sticking out she began to paddle me very hard and fast. And believe me she knows how to use a paddle because she covers your entire ass with it not just the sweet spot. Now during all this her friend was taking pictures and rooting her on to spank me harder. And so she did! After about ten minutes or so she stopped because she was satisfied that i was thoroughly spanked and pulled up her t shirt and knelt down and rubbed my bare bottom with her bare breasts (which seems to make the pain go away faster plus i love it!) Anyhow she was worn out from the spanking but had a big grin on her face and i was worn out from getting spanked and sore to boot. So i got dressed gave her a kiss and we went on with our day.

I should have the pictures of this spanking soon so i will post them when i get them.

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