Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well yesterday I went over to Mistress Rebecca's house for our morning visit. She was wearing a sexy black dress and high heels. We sat down and talked for a bit and out of the blue she decided I need a good paddling. So she instructed me to go into her bedroom and prepare for my paddling. I went into her bedroom and removed my shoes and took off my shorts and boxer shorts. She then came into the room and told me to place my hands on the bed and bend over. She went over to her wall and got her little wooden paddle and came back. And with out warning began to paddle my bare bottom. Not only my bare bottom but all around my bare bottom which really hurt and stung really bad. After a while I began so yelp OWWW! after each stroke of the paddle she finally finished when my bottom was completely red.....

Then later that night my Mistress Ladytiger came home from work and we seem to have a misunderstanding about what chores I was suppose to do. She told me to strip naked and kneel on the floor in front of her and she asked me what i did that day for chores and I replied what i thought i was suppose to do but i was sorely wrong. She checked on my job on the chores and wasn't satisfied so she told me to go bend over our spanking horse and prepare for punishment. She then came into the room and fetched our small leather strap and began pulverizing my bare bottom with it. I don't know how many times she hit me with it because i couldn't count due the pain i was in but it was a lot. When she finally finished up she went over and got our wooden paddle and gave me ten hard swats with it that really got my attention. After she was finished she made me redo the chore naked with my bare bottom all bright red and she loved seeing me do the chore with a well spanked bottom.

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