Thursday, July 29, 2010


On Tuesday night I spent the night over at my Mistress's Rebecca's house for our usual get together. We were both very tired and decided to go to bed early and play in the morning. As usual she woke up early (around 7:00 am) so we both got showered and after she cooked me some yummy eggs and toast. She decided that I needed a good hard paddling because, well she just felt like it. And she wanted to take some pictures of the paddling so she called her friend up and asked her to come over to take some pictures. After her friends arrival she went back into her bedroom and got out my wooden paddle with holes in it and told me to drop my shorts and undies and bend over the end of the couch. SO i quickly did so because I have learned in the past you must act quickly or the spanking will be worse. Once I was ready and got into position with my bare bottom sticking out she began to paddle me very hard and fast. And believe me she knows how to use a paddle because she covers your entire ass with it not just the sweet spot. Now during all this her friend was taking pictures and rooting her on to spank me harder. And so she did! After about ten minutes or so she stopped because she was satisfied that i was thoroughly spanked and pulled up her t shirt and knelt down and rubbed my bare bottom with her bare breasts (which seems to make the pain go away faster plus i love it!) Anyhow she was worn out from the spanking but had a big grin on her face and i was worn out from getting spanked and sore to boot. So i got dressed gave her a kiss and we went on with our day.

I should have the pictures of this spanking soon so i will post them when i get them.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I would hate to be spanked by her if she was using a real wooden hairbrush or wooden paddle !!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


On Saturday night I got spanked by four different female Doms. I got thoroughly spanked by Mistress X, my Mistress Ladytiger, my Mistress Rebecca and finally Lady P. Instead of writing about each experience in a story like fashion im gonna show pictures with some captions instead. So enjoy.

Me getting spanked on the cross by Mistress X with a wooden spoon.

Me getting spanked with a lexan paddle by Mistress X

Me getting spanked with a paddle by Mistress Rebecca.

The end result of Mistress Rebeccas paddling.

Now I am still waiting on some more pictures from this party so i will up load them once i get them. The sad thing is I dont have any pictures of me getting spanked by my Mistress Ladytiger or by Lady P. So I will have to tell you about those spankings i got.

Mistress Ladytiger put me up on the spanking horse and spanked me with a leather paddle and a wooden paddle that night which really hurt. Now Lady P bent me over a table and spanked me with a couple of different wooden paddles and the lexan paddle which she actually broke over my ass while spanking me. This lady really really hits hard when she spanks and it takes a lot to break a lexan paddle. I was really bruised up the next day from all the spankings i got that night.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Here are a couple of pictures of me being spanked by Mistress Rebecca. This was the beginning of each spanking so my bottom isnt very red yet !!! But i will let you know she really gave me a wallop that day.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


About three years ago I got a private spanking from this lady. Her name is Mistress Jacqueline Omerta. I paid her $500.00 for a four hour almost no stop spanking session. I must say it was well worth it and wish i could see her again.....this is her website

Monday, July 5, 2010


First off I have to say I am a huge fan of Kelly Payne. She is a female spanker from New York city who has her own website and produces her own spanking movies and stuff.

Well one night I was up late and found a illegal password into her website and hacked into it. While on her website I downloaded pretty much every video clip she had available at the time and re posted them on a couple of free adult video sharing servers i know up. Which to me was no big deal although i knew it was wrong but figured what the hell im not worried about it. Well i was very wrong and Ms Kelly Payne tracked me down and threatened to sue me for what i did. Well after talking to her for a few times i removed all of her content from the places i had shared them at and worked out a deal that instead of going to court that i would preform in a spanking video of hers and we would call it even. So sometime in the next couple of months she gonna do some video shoots out here in California and when she dose i get to be punished by her for doing what i did. And from what she has told me im really in for it, so this is gonna be a interesting event for me. Anyhow her website is posted.

And below is a picture of her.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well yesterday I went over to Mistress Rebecca's house for our morning visit. She was wearing a sexy black dress and high heels. We sat down and talked for a bit and out of the blue she decided I need a good paddling. So she instructed me to go into her bedroom and prepare for my paddling. I went into her bedroom and removed my shoes and took off my shorts and boxer shorts. She then came into the room and told me to place my hands on the bed and bend over. She went over to her wall and got her little wooden paddle and came back. And with out warning began to paddle my bare bottom. Not only my bare bottom but all around my bare bottom which really hurt and stung really bad. After a while I began so yelp OWWW! after each stroke of the paddle she finally finished when my bottom was completely red.....

Then later that night my Mistress Ladytiger came home from work and we seem to have a misunderstanding about what chores I was suppose to do. She told me to strip naked and kneel on the floor in front of her and she asked me what i did that day for chores and I replied what i thought i was suppose to do but i was sorely wrong. She checked on my job on the chores and wasn't satisfied so she told me to go bend over our spanking horse and prepare for punishment. She then came into the room and fetched our small leather strap and began pulverizing my bare bottom with it. I don't know how many times she hit me with it because i couldn't count due the pain i was in but it was a lot. When she finally finished up she went over and got our wooden paddle and gave me ten hard swats with it that really got my attention. After she was finished she made me redo the chore naked with my bare bottom all bright red and she loved seeing me do the chore with a well spanked bottom.