Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well once again I got in trouble with my Mistress Ladytiger. She is implicating some new rules around the house and actually its a good thing for me. She is trying to make me a better submissive for her and make me a better person. Anyhow yesterday when she got home from work she ordered me to come to her and strip down naked and tell her if i was a good boy for doing all my chores and if I kept a promise that i made to her about something I cant do anymore. I reluctantly told her no I broke my promise but assured her that it wouldn't happen again and i did all my chores but i didn't dust like she asked. Well after a lecture about breaking my promise and not doing all my chores. Marched me into out second bedroom and the punishment began.

She pulled out our spanking chair and sat down on it and quickly pulled me over her knee. She began spanking me very hard by just using her hand but instead of just spanking my bare bottom she also spanked the back of my thighs. Which was something new for her to do and to be honest i really didn't like it at all. It really hurt. After some time went by she told me to go get our little wooden hairbrush that hangs on our wall with other spanking implements. After i returned and got over her lap she gave me a very though hairbrush spanking on my bare bottom. That really really stung. All the while telling me hoe naughty little boys get spanked for not doing their chores. Finally she stopped when my bottom was a nice glowing red but to my horror she wasn't finished with me yet. She then told me to go get the medium wood paddle from the wall and get back over her lap. She really began to let me have then. She paddled my sore bottom until i was almost struggling to get off her lap. After she was done paddling my bottom until it was almost numb. She told me to stand up and she turned the chair around and told me now this is your punishment for not keeping your promise and told me to bend over the chair and hold the bottom of the chair making my bare bottom stick out like a easy target. She walked over to our wall of spanking implements and grabbed our long handled heavy wooden bath brush and said now lets make sure you learn not to break promises and leave you some good bruise to remember not to do it again. She began to beat my ass like she was hitting a tennis ball with a tennis racket. IT HURT SO BAD i was yelling owww after almost every swat she gave me. And she continued to spank me like that until my bottom was bruised all over the place. She finally stopped when my legs began to shake uncontrollably. I was sore for the rest of the night and still a little sore to day with some horrible bruises to prove it.

Anyhow I learned a valuable lesson from it. Don't break promises to people especially to your Mistress...


  1. OK I admit it, I decided to read your blog. I still don't want to know about the others, but I did want to see what you were saying about us. I would just like to point out to your readers that this is mostly YOUR idea, little boy. I have always been more of a soft cuddly Mominant type, spanking because it was hot and a turn-on, not really into "discipline" and you have pestered me for years to me sterner and stricter with you. Like I have said before, careful what you wish for...

  2. I quite understand how you feel, 'Lady Tiger' but, in my case, I needed no prompting to blister my hubby's backside! Whether or not he wants it (or enjoys it) is neither here nor there as far as I am concerned: he gets spanked, paddled, strapped, caned, flogged or birched whenever he deserves it -or whenever I feel like it (i.e. two or three times a week), and we are both satisfied with that arrangement...



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