Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ok first off i am going to put in a disclaimer that i am a very strait male and in no way am i bi sexual or gay. Ive been getting spanked by females for over twenty years. But lately I have wondered what it would be like to be spanked by a male. So after a long search I finally found one who would only be interested in spanking me and nothing else. I found one and his name is Gary and he is a very nice older gentle men who i met on fetlife about a month ago and after many emails and online chat we finally met in person.

So on Monday he came over to my house and we talked for a bit and after my nerve's settled i agreed to let him spank me. So we went into the bed room where he asked me to take off my pants and underwear and bend over three pillows on the bed that made by bare bottom stick up high in the air. He began to spank me not to hard with a wooden paddle i have and a long handled hair brush i also have after a while when my bottom was nice and red he asked me to lay on my back and he placed the pillows under my hips and pulled my legs back towards towards my head making by bottom totally exposed and started spanking me again with the same two instruments i mentioned before. I admit i have never been spanked like that before in that position so it was a different experience for me and it did sting more. It was a little uncomfortable but it was nothing i couldn't handle. When he was done he was amazed on how well i could take a spanking and my bottom was very sore and stingy. We then had a nice lunch at a Mexican food place near by and he left after that and he went back home. It was a different experience for me and i didn't have any problems with it and hopefully if my Mistress will let me, it might happen again soon. Gary is a nice friendly guy who i felt very comfortable with and was very patient with me which really helped me out during this spanking experience. Because personally I wasn't sure how i would react being naked in front of of a grown man for a spanking. I feel he would make a good "father" figure for me in spanking role play.

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