Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well yesterday I told you about the birthday party at my BDSM club and well lets just say it was very fun. A lot of people showed up and it was pretty crowed. To make a long story short I got paddled by the Mistress. My Mistress Rebecca gave me a good paddling on my bare bottom over her knee with two different paddles then made me stand up and bend over a bench and really gave me a paddling with a heavier wood paddle. Then my Auntie Debbie gave me a good paddling over her knee with a wood paddle with holes in it. Then a funny thing happened I was outside smoking a cigarette and a female Dom came up to me and asked if she could give me a spanking. I of course had to ask permission from Auntie Debbie to make sure it was ok and she said yes. So I told (lets call her Lady P) that she could paddle me so she took me over to a table and bent me over it and bared my bottom and really started to paddle me with a couple of different paddles and other spanking implements. After a long while my Auntie Debbie had to come over and ask her to stop because my bottom was turning a weird color that she had seen it turn before and didn't want me to become to injured from the very hard spanking i was getting. Over all my bottom is still very sore and bruised from all the spankings from yesterday but i had a blast over all at the party.

My Mistress Ladfytiger comes home tonight from Fresno and i cant wait to see her i really missed her while she was gone and hopefully we have a new used truck since mine blew up last week.

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