Friday, June 18, 2010


Well I am am complete fucking idiot. My Mistress Ladytiger and I have been fighting lately and I did the dumbest thing you could do to a human being and told her to "fuck off".

Well today when she got home she reminded me of my naughty mouth and decided to punish me again (since yesterday). So she took me into the other room where she had our spanking chair and pulled me over her lap with my bare bottom already bared and spanked me with her hand about 50 times. Then told me to go get the wood paddle and brought be back over her lap for about another 50 to 60 very hard swats to my already very tender ass. You would think she would have finished but noooo ! She then told me to bend over the chair and began to beat my ass with the long handled hair brush. I have no idea how many swats i got because i couldn't keep track was in to much pain. To top my spanking off she then gave me two dozen hard strokes with the leather tawse. In case you don't know what a tawse is its a thick piece of heavy leather about 22 inches long and about an inch wide with a split part way down the middle like a snakes tongue.(they REALLY fucking hurt).

After all of the spanking and the pain i was in she then told me to open my mouth were there she placed a partially melted piece of Ivory bath soap in it and told me to go stand in the corner while the soap was still in my mouth. That lasted a horrible five minutes and after wards i was allowed to rinse out my mouth. I thought i would never get the taste of the soap out of my mouth i wanted to puke.

Anyhow I learned a valuable lesson.... NEVER swear towards your Mistress. Especially one who wont let you slide on your unfortunate mistake.

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