Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well its 8:45 am and my Mistress Ladytiger has just left to go to Fresno to pick up our new used car we are buying from a friend up there. Since my truck blew up again and its just not worth fixing anymore. But before she left she decided to give me 12 hard strokes with our rattan cane on my bare bottom while bending over our spanking horse just to remind me to be a good boy. Lucky me huh !

Oh and even better news (i am being sarcastic.) Its my Auntie Debbie 59th birthday today and my Mistress told her that at her birthday party tonight at the BDSM club we belong to that i am her rent a sub to night and that I get all of Auntie Debbie birthday spankings from all the female Doms who want to give a birthday spanking to me not her. Which is the way it is done in the BDSM world when a Dominate has a birthday the submissive gets the spankings. OH LUCKY ME ! Plus the fact that my Mistress Ladytiger told her that i have been so naughty lately that i need to be soundly punished any how. So I am in for it tonight i feel. I will tell you guys the story tomorrow after the party tonight if i can sit down in front of the computer tomorrow.

Have nice day !

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