Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last night my Mistress Ladytiger came home from work and I asked her to give me a spanking just for the hell of it. And well she did, its wasn't painful it was more fun than anything. She told me to get naked and pulled me across her lap and gave me a light spanking only using her hand and nothing else. It was just for fun with no punishment involved.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is the spanking i got for my birthday back in January

Friday, June 25, 2010

Auntie Debbie

This is my very special Auntie Debbie who gives me very hard spankings when i am a bad little boy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am happy to introduce Mistress Nighshade to my blog. I occasionally see her for spankings and other BDSM activities. She is a young bright Mistress with lots of potential as being a Mistress. So anyhow there she is for all of you to see.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well once again I got in trouble with my Mistress Ladytiger. She is implicating some new rules around the house and actually its a good thing for me. She is trying to make me a better submissive for her and make me a better person. Anyhow yesterday when she got home from work she ordered me to come to her and strip down naked and tell her if i was a good boy for doing all my chores and if I kept a promise that i made to her about something I cant do anymore. I reluctantly told her no I broke my promise but assured her that it wouldn't happen again and i did all my chores but i didn't dust like she asked. Well after a lecture about breaking my promise and not doing all my chores. Marched me into out second bedroom and the punishment began.

She pulled out our spanking chair and sat down on it and quickly pulled me over her knee. She began spanking me very hard by just using her hand but instead of just spanking my bare bottom she also spanked the back of my thighs. Which was something new for her to do and to be honest i really didn't like it at all. It really hurt. After some time went by she told me to go get our little wooden hairbrush that hangs on our wall with other spanking implements. After i returned and got over her lap she gave me a very though hairbrush spanking on my bare bottom. That really really stung. All the while telling me hoe naughty little boys get spanked for not doing their chores. Finally she stopped when my bottom was a nice glowing red but to my horror she wasn't finished with me yet. She then told me to go get the medium wood paddle from the wall and get back over her lap. She really began to let me have then. She paddled my sore bottom until i was almost struggling to get off her lap. After she was done paddling my bottom until it was almost numb. She told me to stand up and she turned the chair around and told me now this is your punishment for not keeping your promise and told me to bend over the chair and hold the bottom of the chair making my bare bottom stick out like a easy target. She walked over to our wall of spanking implements and grabbed our long handled heavy wooden bath brush and said now lets make sure you learn not to break promises and leave you some good bruise to remember not to do it again. She began to beat my ass like she was hitting a tennis ball with a tennis racket. IT HURT SO BAD i was yelling owww after almost every swat she gave me. And she continued to spank me like that until my bottom was bruised all over the place. She finally stopped when my legs began to shake uncontrollably. I was sore for the rest of the night and still a little sore to day with some horrible bruises to prove it.

Anyhow I learned a valuable lesson from it. Don't break promises to people especially to your Mistress...

Monday, June 21, 2010


OK this might be more information than you want to know about me but tough its my blog. I have a normal sex drive but i am what is called a "marathon man" meaning it takes me for ever to cum. To be honest i rarely cum from just sex, to get me off it takes oral sex or a good long hand job. So yesterday after my mistress got back from Fresno we "did the deed" a couple of times and i couldn't cum. No matter how hard she tried i just couldn't cum. SO she has a rule that if i don't cum when given the opportunity i get punished, usually severely. But she felt sorry for me and took it easy on me this one time and only gave me a light punishment. Plus the fact that i got her off multiple times probably saved my ass some too.

She told me to lay face down on the bed (naked of course) and gave me 24 medium strength stokes with our, i guess its called senor cane (because it bigger in diameter) on my bare bottom which still stung like hell but it didn't leave any cane marks. I hate it when i get punished for not cumming because i feel bad that i cant like a normal guy can. I mean don't get me wrong i wouldn't want to cum in like two minutes like some guys. But at least after a while it would be nice.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well yesterday I told you about the birthday party at my BDSM club and well lets just say it was very fun. A lot of people showed up and it was pretty crowed. To make a long story short I got paddled by the Mistress. My Mistress Rebecca gave me a good paddling on my bare bottom over her knee with two different paddles then made me stand up and bend over a bench and really gave me a paddling with a heavier wood paddle. Then my Auntie Debbie gave me a good paddling over her knee with a wood paddle with holes in it. Then a funny thing happened I was outside smoking a cigarette and a female Dom came up to me and asked if she could give me a spanking. I of course had to ask permission from Auntie Debbie to make sure it was ok and she said yes. So I told (lets call her Lady P) that she could paddle me so she took me over to a table and bent me over it and bared my bottom and really started to paddle me with a couple of different paddles and other spanking implements. After a long while my Auntie Debbie had to come over and ask her to stop because my bottom was turning a weird color that she had seen it turn before and didn't want me to become to injured from the very hard spanking i was getting. Over all my bottom is still very sore and bruised from all the spankings from yesterday but i had a blast over all at the party.

My Mistress Ladfytiger comes home tonight from Fresno and i cant wait to see her i really missed her while she was gone and hopefully we have a new used truck since mine blew up last week.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well its 8:45 am and my Mistress Ladytiger has just left to go to Fresno to pick up our new used car we are buying from a friend up there. Since my truck blew up again and its just not worth fixing anymore. But before she left she decided to give me 12 hard strokes with our rattan cane on my bare bottom while bending over our spanking horse just to remind me to be a good boy. Lucky me huh !

Oh and even better news (i am being sarcastic.) Its my Auntie Debbie 59th birthday today and my Mistress told her that at her birthday party tonight at the BDSM club we belong to that i am her rent a sub to night and that I get all of Auntie Debbie birthday spankings from all the female Doms who want to give a birthday spanking to me not her. Which is the way it is done in the BDSM world when a Dominate has a birthday the submissive gets the spankings. OH LUCKY ME ! Plus the fact that my Mistress Ladytiger told her that i have been so naughty lately that i need to be soundly punished any how. So I am in for it tonight i feel. I will tell you guys the story tomorrow after the party tonight if i can sit down in front of the computer tomorrow.

Have nice day !

Friday, June 18, 2010


Well I am am complete fucking idiot. My Mistress Ladytiger and I have been fighting lately and I did the dumbest thing you could do to a human being and told her to "fuck off".

Well today when she got home she reminded me of my naughty mouth and decided to punish me again (since yesterday). So she took me into the other room where she had our spanking chair and pulled me over her lap with my bare bottom already bared and spanked me with her hand about 50 times. Then told me to go get the wood paddle and brought be back over her lap for about another 50 to 60 very hard swats to my already very tender ass. You would think she would have finished but noooo ! She then told me to bend over the chair and began to beat my ass with the long handled hair brush. I have no idea how many swats i got because i couldn't keep track was in to much pain. To top my spanking off she then gave me two dozen hard strokes with the leather tawse. In case you don't know what a tawse is its a thick piece of heavy leather about 22 inches long and about an inch wide with a split part way down the middle like a snakes tongue.(they REALLY fucking hurt).

After all of the spanking and the pain i was in she then told me to open my mouth were there she placed a partially melted piece of Ivory bath soap in it and told me to go stand in the corner while the soap was still in my mouth. That lasted a horrible five minutes and after wards i was allowed to rinse out my mouth. I thought i would never get the taste of the soap out of my mouth i wanted to puke.

Anyhow I learned a valuable lesson.... NEVER swear towards your Mistress. Especially one who wont let you slide on your unfortunate mistake.


Copy and paste link above in a new browser window to see video.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mommie Casssie

I wish she would spank me !@!!!!


This is a pictures of my ass after a few hours after the punishment i got earlier.


Well Because of my big mouth and being very disrespectful plus the fact I embarrassed my Mistress Ladytiger.. See Beat the crap out of me last night. As you can see in the picture above that is end the result of a very long spanking. She hit me with everything i think we have to use to give a spanking with and yes it hurt like hell. Well for some reason I cant get the pictures how I want them so sorry if it looks kinda funny Im still learning how to use this thing.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ok first off i am going to put in a disclaimer that i am a very strait male and in no way am i bi sexual or gay. Ive been getting spanked by females for over twenty years. But lately I have wondered what it would be like to be spanked by a male. So after a long search I finally found one who would only be interested in spanking me and nothing else. I found one and his name is Gary and he is a very nice older gentle men who i met on fetlife about a month ago and after many emails and online chat we finally met in person.

So on Monday he came over to my house and we talked for a bit and after my nerve's settled i agreed to let him spank me. So we went into the bed room where he asked me to take off my pants and underwear and bend over three pillows on the bed that made by bare bottom stick up high in the air. He began to spank me not to hard with a wooden paddle i have and a long handled hair brush i also have after a while when my bottom was nice and red he asked me to lay on my back and he placed the pillows under my hips and pulled my legs back towards towards my head making by bottom totally exposed and started spanking me again with the same two instruments i mentioned before. I admit i have never been spanked like that before in that position so it was a different experience for me and it did sting more. It was a little uncomfortable but it was nothing i couldn't handle. When he was done he was amazed on how well i could take a spanking and my bottom was very sore and stingy. We then had a nice lunch at a Mexican food place near by and he left after that and he went back home. It was a different experience for me and i didn't have any problems with it and hopefully if my Mistress will let me, it might happen again soon. Gary is a nice friendly guy who i felt very comfortable with and was very patient with me which really helped me out during this spanking experience. Because personally I wasn't sure how i would react being naked in front of of a grown man for a spanking. I feel he would make a good "father" figure for me in spanking role play.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


This actually happened on Memorial day but i wanted to share it with you. My day started off like any other day but it changed rapidly. I went over to my "Aunty Debbie's" house and we were talking and she decided that i needed a good spanking. So she told me to go fetch the wooden paddle with holes from her room and bring it to her. When i returned she was sitting on the couch with a strange look on her face and told me to drop my shorts and get over her lap. Which i did as quickly as possible. She the told me i need a good reminder why i should behave and pulled my boxer shorts down to my knees and began spanking me very hard and fast with said wood paddle. After about 50 or so hard swats I began to squirm a little and she spanked me harder for not behaving during the spanking. After a short while she stopped and rubbed my now red bottom and told me i was a good boy and let me get up and get dressed. The spanking really hurt and i was happy when it was over.

Now later on that day My Mistress Ladytiger came home from work to find that i hadn't finished all of my chores. Now needless to say that she was upset with me and told me in a firm voice to get undressed and bend over our spanking horse. After i was in place she tied my hands to the horse so i couldn't move and began to spank my bare bottom very hard with our rubber lexan paddle. I dont know how many swats i got but all i know it was extremely painful and lasted a long time. When i thought she was finished she then picked up our long wood handled hair brush (which really hurts ) and began spanking me even harder with that> i wanted to some how avoid the swats but i was tied up so i was at her mercy. When she finally finished i was completely wiped out and could hardly stand up. My bottom was so sore and red and bruised I thought I would never recover form it but she rubbed some lotion o it and it made it feel better.

Later that night I went over to my Mistress Rebecca house to spend the night and she thought i deserved another spanking just for the hell of it> I couldn't believe what a horrible day i was having I said with a sigh Yes ma'am and she took me into her room and strip me down to my birthday suit and bent me over her bed and began spanking me with her wood paddle with holes in it for about id say ten minutes. Luckily she do sent spank as hard as Mistress Lori so it wasn't to bad but i was so sore from all the other spanking sit still really hurt. After that we went into the living room and I gave her oral sex until she couldn't take anymore. So that made her happy and it made me happy because I love to make her happy.

Anyhow that was my triple spanking day. A day I wont soon forget.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I love this picture because i get spanked with a long handled wood hairbrush just like it. It really has a hard thud to it and leaves bruises.


I recently met this girl named Tracy. She is a very nice girl but not like the type i usually meet with for spanking. We went to her house and she sat down on a tall back chair holding a rubber hair brush. She then told me to drop my pants and underwear and get over her knee. I laid across her left leg so she could pin me with her right leg across my legs. The she p reseeded to spank my bare bottom with the hair brush kinda gently and slow. It wasn't the most painful spanking i have ever had but it was erotic and kinda fun i must say. She finished up after about maybe 50 swats and then rubbed my bottom to make me feel better. It wasn't what i was use to when getting spanked i am use to more harsh spankings but it was a nice change of pace.

WOW sorry about the no updates

Ive been really busy and haven't had a chance to update this thing in a while but i will start updating regularly.